For me, swimming is a necessary part of life. Fresh water, salt water, deep or shallow, choppy or calm; I love and crave it all. I cried the first time I swam with a humpback whale, and I am pretty sure that I have had a conversation with a grouper. I love swimming with wild dolphins and I do believe in mermaids. For me, swimming is the one activity when I can really be one with my surroundings, and feel the most alive. It’s no wonder then, that I operate a swim school and have based myself on the water here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Lucky for me (and ALL of us), that the Turks and Caicos is an ideal place for so many different types of swimming opportunities. I would love to highlight a few of these experiences and hopefully inspire the mermaid in you.

Swimming Lessons | TCI’s warm waters and climate make it the ideal place for swim instruction, whether by the pool or by ocean. At SURFside Ocean Academy, their professional swim instructors offer lessons to four month old babies through to adults, non-swimmer to advanced. Red Cross and Lifesaving Society curriculums are used. Private lessons, semi-privates and group lessons are all available. Ask for a schedule, and drop in for a lesson. All team members are certified swimming instructors with Lifesaving Society, Red Cross and/or YMCA and are lifeguard trained. They are mobile as well, so that you can have custom lessons at the comfort of your resort of vacation villa pool. What an amazing place to learn the basics or perfect your swimming skills – while on vacation!

Swimming_3Swimming Competition | The annual ‘Race for the Conch Ecoswim’ is held each July on Provo, at Grace Bay Beach. Residents, visitors, and international racers compete in this open to all event. There are a number of races in which to compete: The 1-mile and 2.4 mile races and even a 100 meter swim for the kids. Proceeds form this event are then donated to several local and international charities.

Swimming Clinics | A few times each year, SURFside teams up with Clay Britt Swimming Instruction to offer swim clinics, including one before the annual ‘Race for the Conch’ swim event. Freestyle technique and stroke drills are discussed, and instructors cover the finer points of how to swim smoother, faster and more comfortably. Swimmers are videotaped swimming underwater and are later critiqued, following the water portion of the clinic. Instructors demonstrate proper stroke technique and a variety of drills that help swimmers learn the correct body position and improve efficiency. The coaches are in the water with the participants and offer personalized instruction, fostering rapid improvements in swimming ability. Come join us on July 5th, or ask about the next available clinic.

Swimming_2Guided Shore Swims & Open Water Swim Safaris | Geared for open water swimmers and triathletes, Caicu Naniki offers guided shore swims and swim safaris in TCI. In each, swimmers are followed by a safety boat or kayak with an experienced open water swimmer and lifeguard. The course and distance is up to you and your guide. The clear waters of Grace Bay make it ideal for this type of training and fun.

So come join us in the water in the Turks and Caicos for swimming adventures that may soothe your soul. There is surely a swimming experience available for anyone who wishes to become one with the ocean and nurture their inner mermaid (or merman).