For 10 years and older, kite board lessons are available from one of our IKO/PASA Instructors. Lessons for the beginner or intermediate rider always have safety as the priority, while advanced instruction can be customized for experienced kiters. SOA has a private beach location from which to teach, wiht hte best equipment and some of the most experienced instructors in the kiting industry. Kite packages are available for multiple lessons and are very much encouraged.


Private lessons and Kit ‘treks’ and ‘downwinders’ are also available.

The Way We Fly
*IKO Certified Instructors * Customized Lessons * Private Location

Our IKO Instructors are also professional wakeboard and wakesurf instructors allowing students to have an optimal learning experience.

Every lesson is customized according to the experience and learning style of each student.  We teach at your pace and to your level of skill.  With tailored lessons, students can start where they left off, or move on to the next Step quickly once it has been mastered.  The lessons will move at the rate at which you are progressing and may include a combination of Steps, rather than just one.  Safety is our priority, and so is maximizing your time and lesson.

Add a Wakeboard Lesson
Need help with boarding skills?  Want to speed up the learning curve?  No problem!  SURFside offers wakeboarding lessons to improve students riding abilities, creating the perfect combination for successful kiteboarding and rapid progressions.  Learn how to ride switch, toeside and carve turns behind our wake/ski boat.  This will help you become confident in riding your board and turning in both directions, and these board skills transfer directly to kiteboarding.

Kite Treks for Keen Kiters
For those who are already independently riding and looking for real adventure, SURFside’s Kite TREK’s (Totally Remote Eco Kiting) are designed for you.  Having already explored the most remote and untouched secret spots in TCI, our Team can access a number of locations around the islands by boat/jeep/SUP for truly amazing kiteboarding wilderness experiences and epic downwinders.  Come and join us on the water for what will surely be the highlight of your island getaway!

Contact us for details and pricing.

Private instruction and coaching is also available for those wishing to improve on their kiting skills.

Many problems and dangers that may be encountered while learning kiting can be avoided or minimized by taking professional instruction- we are here to provide you with the BEST!