We specialize in small groups and families with the most knowledgeable and professional guides in TCI waters. All of our instructors are certified in their teachable areas and are current in first aid, while also carrying certifications and/or water safety instructor certifications. They have degrees in marine biology, fish & wildlife, outdoor education, parks and tourism. All of our staff have been hand selected because of their work and life experiences and have a passion for the ocean, children and teaching.


With our Canadian certified wakeboard and waterski instructors we take you out on the water with the best boats and equipment for both beginners and experts.  Tubing is also available on request.  


We also offer 1-on-1 behind the boat instruction with one of our coaches for an extra fee.  We are the only outfit in the Turks & Caicos (and perhaps the world) offering this kind of unique and personalized training.




TCI’s ONLY professional paddling Team with PaddleFit, WPA and ACA certified instructors and coaches.  SURFside offers the most varied and unique paddling adventures in TCI in a variety of locations from Provo to North & Middle Caicos and are always adding new trips to our menu, so be sure to ask about the latest and greatest.  We are mobile and will only take you to the most ideal settings based on the experience level, wind and tide conditions on that day.


With a mobile service that can take you to the closest or most remote paddling spots on Provo, and the local knowledge that only SURFside has, you are sure to have an adventure of a lifetime with us.  Offering both sit on top and touring kayaks and smaller boats for smaller people, SURFside caters to whatever you are looking for.  They know the sweet spots in Provo and the outer islands, so are your go-to for paddling adventures by far.  A few of our instructors also have international racing experience under their lifebelts too. 

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Chalk Sound Nature Reserve

Perfect for all levels of paddlers and true to its name, this ‘salt water lake’ is absolutely breathtaking in chalky blues and greens.  Small uninhabited cays are scattered throughout, and its shallow depth and inland location serve to protect users from wind, currents and reef.  This is an ideal place for kids and beginner paddlers as well because the water is never more than neck deep.  Here you can trace the coastlines in search of birds, iguanas, juvenile fish, and explore small cays and mangrove communities.

The Wilderness Paddle

Way off the beaten path and in the Western wetlands of Provo, we take you to a fascinating nature reserve where you are likely to be the only human visitor.  In abundance, however, will be aquatic and bird life within mangrove communitiesWe paddle through a large protected saltwater creek that opens up and connects to the Atlantic Ocean where you can glimpse West Caicos and explore an entirely different seascape.  There are many paths and creeks from which to explore and paddle, a cliff jumping rock and pirate cave with 16 C. rock etchings.  Snorkels welcome. Wilderness meets adventure.  

Mangrove Madness Eco Adventure

A guided tour through Leeward’s Princess Alexandria Nature Reserve with local marine ecologists.  Learn about the magnificent mangroves and marine life of the area while encountering baby lemon sharks, birdlife, rays and more!  Look for native Rock Iguanas along the way.  

Bugaloo's Boogie

A south side paddle across shallow turquoise waters and in mangrove communities.  If the wind is calm we also venture over to one of the uninhabited Cays to explore and have our own island for the tour. This excursion is often followed by snacks and refreshments at famed local hot spot, Bugaloos.

Glow Worm, Full Moon Ecotour

Experience the monthly mating ritual of the glow worms via SUP, kayak, or boat.  40 minutes after sunset, the glow worms display their ‘dance’ in the moving waters.  Enjoy hot cocoa on the sea!  Experienced paddlers only.

Glow Worm, Full Moon, and Meteor Shower Ecotour

Experience the monthly mating ritual of the glow worms, enjoy a full moon paddle or meteor shower on SUP (or kayak). Experienced paddlers only, monthly excursions.

The Downwinder SUPset

Depending on the wind and tide, we will travel one way with the wind at our backs, and work on downwind paddling technique with our Pros. Designed for intermediate paddlers looking for a workout. 


Canal Cruise

Paddle the residential canal systems of Discovery Bay, Leeward or Long Bay and tour around the winding channels inside Provo.  See a variety of wildlife passing underneath you as you meander through these protected passages.  Great as a windy day paddling option.


Rise n SUP

Meet us 15 minutes before sunrise for a 5 minute beach warm up, followed by a 3-4 mile paddle. SUP’er training from our Level 3 PaddleFit Coach and a beautiful start to your day in paradise.


SUP n Snorkel Adventures

Learn paddleboarding basics with Level 3 coach and combine ocean paddling with an underwater snorkel tour. We go equipped to dive in the ocean at every opportunity with masks and snorkels on our boats. Choose from:


“The Point” Adventure     In the Northwest Point National Marine Park you have a rocky rugged “iron shore” coastline mixed with white sand beaches and numerous caves that open up at low tide. Healthy scattered coral heads inside the reef make for excellent snorkeling along the way. Also situated here is an amazing reef for those more experienced paddlers looking to do some SUP surfing or surf kayaking in the ocean waves. Way off the beaten path.

Smith’s Reef/Thompson Cove     Scattered coral reefs on the north side in less than 20 feet water make this spot perfect for snorkeling and SUP. Look for sea turtles, eagle rays and a large variety of healthy corals and reef fish. Great beginner trip. 


Our partners at Ocean Kayak, Necky and Riviera have provided us with the finest gear for your experience on the water. We have single and double kayaks, sit-on-top and touring (some with rudders) as well as a variety of SUPs. We deliver for an additional fee and provide you with a free introductory lesson on the paddleboards.

*Rentals are based on 24 hours


SURFside is the country’s first and only fully certified SUP training facility.  Trained by PaddleFit founder and SUP Team USA coach, Brody Welte, we are the most qualified and experienced Team as certified Level 3 PaddleFit coaches.  The first to launch the PaddleFit coaching and fitness program in the Turks and Caicos, we are members of the SUPIA and also WPA Instructors and are passionate about sharing our love of SUP and the ocean with everyone we meet.  Offering a variety of classes and tours, SURFside caters to all levels of paddlers, and integrates a basic lesson into each guided tours prior to entering the open water.  We also have a local SUP Club, offering a different outing and specialized SUP training every session.



Paddlefit Fitness Classes

Join us on the beach at the Grace Bay Club for our hour-long boot camp style fitness classes, where we integrate fitness with SUP.  Every class is different and allows you to work at your own level with our level 3 coach on the #1 beach in the world (Trip Advisor, 2015).  Call us for current pricing.

Paddlefit Intro to SUP Fitness

A 1 hour class to get you introduced to the world of PaddleFit and its training program through our fun and challenging fitness class. We will give you a taste of the many benefits of training on the water that includes balance, endurance, strength and focus. Now is the time to start on your path to get on the water and achieve your training goals. Class is designed to be accommodating of all skill levels.

Program:  Dynamic Warm-up, Functional, Varying Workload, All Skill Levels, Prior Paddling Experience, Cool Down


Paddlefit Water

A 1 hour training session completely on the water using SUPs.  Each individual class will work out a targeted muscle group and include paddling drills, strength exercises or paddling intervals. The PaddleFit Water class will allow us to work on paddling technique as well as strength and endurance. Class is for those who have some paddling experience.

Program:  Paddling technique, paddling drills and skill building, Dynamic warm-up, Core strength development, Endurance and conditioning, Fun and safe atmosphere


Paddlefit Water

Our interval based class will incorporate land strength exercises with paddling. The combination of being on the water working on paddling skills as well as building strength and endurance during the land portion provide a great workout. Elevating your heart rate combined with strength exercises will have you feeling the positive effects long after the class is over. The class is for those will some prior paddling experience.


Program: Dynamic warm-up, Endurance and conditioning, Paddling skill building, Core strength development, Paddling technique, Injury prevention

Paddlefit Land (Boot Camp)

Our land based classes will focus on building functional strength as well as help with overall conditioning. We believe that the land training should focus heavily on preventing injury and that is exactly what we do. We use minimal equipment to be able to focus on perfecting the exercise movements. We adjust the intensity of the class based on the individuals taking the class. Whether we are indoors at our training facility or at the beach we will be having fun and becoming fit.  TRX, IndoBoard and medicine balls may be used for training.

Program: Beach and Indoor workouts, Dynamic warm-up, Exercises for injury prevention, Core strength development, Fun atmosphere

SUP Lessons

Private Coaching and Lessons with our Level 3 Coach:

Learn how to SUP safely from our Level 3 Coach in our PaddleFit Basic class, or work on your paddling technique and peak your performance in our Tech1 or Tech 2 clinics for intermediate and advanced paddlers.  Call us for pricing – all courses include board, paddle and PFD rental.  

PaddleFit Intro to SUP Fitness

Paddlefit BASIC | Intro to SUP

Our introductory class will focus on introducing you to the sport of stand up paddling (SUP) in a fun and safe manner. We will teach you the fundamentals as well as proper safety and this will be the foundation for your future paddling endeavors. You will need to be comfortable in the water and able to swim. You do not need to have any prior paddling experience to take this class.

Program: SUP Safety, SUP Laws and Regulation, SUP Fundamentals, Turns, Technique, Rescues


Our 1 hr BASIC class must be taken before any PaddleFit class if you are new to the sport.   

PaddleFit Water


PaddleFit TECH 1 | Beginner/Intermediate

PaddleFit Tech 1 is our paddling technique class and your first step in learning proper technique. Learning proper technique is beneficial for many reasons including increased performance, injury prevention and enhancing your enjoyment of SUP. During the hour lesson you will learn proper paddling fundamentals. Our coach will introduce you to our technique progression and work with you to make the appropriate corrections to get you on the path to paddling better. No matter where you are on your SUP journey we will help you get on the path to paddling properly.

Program: SUP Fundamentals, Intermediate Cues, Eliminate Poor Habits, Efficiency, Develop Power

Paddlefit Water



PaddleFit Tech 2 is our advanced paddling technique class and your next step in learning proper technique. We will take what you learned in PaddleFit Tech 1 and build on that to help you become and advanced paddler. During the hour lesson you will learn advanced paddling technique as well as advanced level paddling drills. Our coach will continue to work with you on our technique progression and help you to make the appropriate corrections to get you on the path to paddling better.


Program: Video Analysis, Efficiency, Develop Power, Advanced Drills, Eliminate Poor Habits


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